With the rapidly increasing cost of running a small commercial real estate firm stemming from an overwhelming number of tech services needed to stay competitive, The Commercial CO-OP was created to bring all facets of the commercial industry’s online tools together into one application. A year ago, the founding group set out to determine what the perfect tool for a commercial real estate broker might look like… clean, simple, straightforward and concise. One-touch functionality with a platform that makes communicating efficient and fosters relationships. Conceived by a team of commercial real estate brokers, a graphic design master and a logic heavy software engineer, the Commercial CO-OP combines expertise in all of these areas to bring the consumer a seamless experience while freeing up time to focus on sales and building a marketplace. The Commercial CO-OP is is the perfect combination of listing, searching, and marketing services.


Wrapping up the functions of 5 programs into ONE All-Inclusive Program at an extremely discounted cost, The Commercial CO-OP will be the only tool you’ll ever need!